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Your energetic contract with work

Welcome to my What is Work? blog series. Join the conversation #whatiswork After reading your employment contract, you know your start date, how much you’ll get paid and how often, your vacation eligibility, and what’s going to happen when you leave. The contents have barely evolved since the first one ever was scrawled on a …

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What is work? A pastime

Welcome to my What is Work? blog series. Join the conversation #whatiswork I want to tell you a story. When I first graduated from my undergrad business degree and joined a boutique consulting firm, my time was my offering. Since I was green, I believed my only value was my willingness to work, literally, whenever. …

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How to get promoted into leadership

Who’s ready to move up? Recently a client came to me with a challenge: she was eager to step into leadership, but the path wasn’t clear. She felt stalled where she was, and uninspired about the future. So, what’s the best way to get promoted into leadership?  Besides being great at what you do and …

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