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5 prompts to GO FOR IT

Lately I’ve been meeting closet dreamers. This is not a Marie Kondo reference (although, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST). Closet dreamers are people with dreams for their careers and lives that they haven’t quite admitted to themselves, let alone the world. They have visions of what could be, but no plan to pursue their authentic …

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How to know it’s over

In my work, I see a lot of people needing and wanting to cut ties with a job, in order to start something new and move forward. But often, they stall out on the decision. Because ending things can be so hard. Especially when you’ve invested a lot, or when you expected a different outcome, …

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Uplevel your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE place recruiters go to fill the jobs you want. Think of it as a 24/7 networking event (sounds SO FUN, right?). It’s not that you need to be there, schmoozing, all the time (hallelujah). You just need to make sure you’re showing up, looking good, and clearly explaining who you are and …

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