Career coaching to help you lock down your dream career.

And thrive doing it.

Group Programs

Specialized learning and skills development in all facets of personal and career growth.


Writing Services

Beautiful, succinct, professionally written personal branding documents. Resumé, LinkedIn profile and cover letters.


Career Clarity & Momentum

Clarity on career direction plus momentum (tools and a plan) to make your next move.


Career Growth Coaching

Bring your goal. Make major progress. Plus gain some handy life skills: self-awareness, self-reliance, self-confidence and tools to coach yourself.


Corporate Packages

Want to empower and develop your high performers or your whole team through 1:1 and group coaching?

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Transition Services

Are you an organization looking to support your employee(s) experiencing layoff or termination?

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How to start fresh in your current job

When you start fresh you get to re-define yourself. But actually moving to a new role and a new company, takes work, timing and risk. Here are 15 things you can do right now to create a fresh start where you are. Prioritize Good Energy (choose your people), Learn with Intention, and play the long game.

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Manufacturing resilience (AKA start loving failure)

Lately I’ve been listening to development psychologists talk about raising kids (I consider it professional and personal research). I heard Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath on the subject of self-esteem, and the reality that sometimes the most “privileged” kids – ones with the most material abundance, the best educations, and the most protected upbringing – end up …

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6 things to know before making a career pivot

If you have thought about making a career move that breaks the mold, this one’s for you. Having spoken with hundreds of people who crave meaningful change in their careers, here’s one thing I’ve learned: many are confused, and most are terrified. What follows are six things to know before making a career pivot. I …

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