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Turning the page

I’ve started this post at least four times now, since November. Probably because there is so much to say and yet I couldn’t decide which things I wanted to say. I just know I want to say something. I want to inspire the people who are looking at 2021 and desiring to climb in their …

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Reinvesting in the basics

Something has always stuck with me from a class I took in undergrad on managing your career. The professor, a man on the brink of retirement who related most things back to golf metaphors, said this: Mastering the basics is not optional. You can have the best ideas in the room, but if you can’t …

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Unconventional job search advice you need to hear

Like all of nature, we are in never-ending cycles of growth, blooming, fullness, fading and dying. So many people in job search are coming off a DE-struction experience in their working lives. It could be job loss, mistreatment, disenchantment, simply having outgrown an environment or team, or a million other reasons. No one gets through …

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