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Playing for prizes

I didn’t grow up playing video games, but I saw enough Nintendo at friends’ houses to glean this: you ran / hopped / glided through different obstacle-filled environments, intentionally running into things, in order to score points. …right? Can’t you just hear the digital music in the background? #80sbaby Lesson #1 from the parenting journey …

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How to live more consciously

Remember those “what to pack” lists you’d get before summer camp?  Underwear x 20. Flashlight. Raincoat.  Between having a milestone birthday and all the astrological themes this month that point to letting go, I’ve been thinking about what each of us has packed and chosen to literally haul around everywhere. So much of what’s in our lives …

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Get a legacy

Here’s a nice thought: we’re all going to die. And when that happens, I think we can agree that the majority of things you did and thoughts you thought will be rendered irrelevant. Irrelevant, guys. And even though running around with your mortality top of mind when there’s laundry to do seems ridiculous, it’s important …

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