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How to shift your narrative

Imagine we’re taking a walk together. You’re showing me the path you walk every day, pointing things out to me. You’re telling me – this is the root I step over, there’s the tree I admire, and here – HERE – is the rock I trip over. Every damn day. We stop and look at …

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My #1 resumé tip (it’s not what you think)

Alert: your resumé is still the essential currency of your job search. Last week I presented a series on confidence in the tellent FB group (if you’re a woman figuring out how to pursue your career and life ambitions, you have to check out this amazing community). When it came to having “guts” I suggested …

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Why do we become parents?

It’s my daughter’s third birthday, and I have some things to say. The first thing, is that we were meant for each other. I am Pisces. I am the place where the zodiac completes. I am endings and letting go, dissolving into something greater, more mysterious, barely hanging on to this physical life by a …

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