Send Breath There

I am trying to improve relations with my boss’s boss. I don’t know if that means showing him parts of me that he might like or staying out of his way or knocking his socks off or just being myself. I consistently and outrageously over-think it.

Today at yoga we did a meditation – here are the rules:
1. Every time you inhale, label it “breath”.
2. Every time you exhale, label it “breath”.
3. Every time a thought comes into your head, label it “thought”, and go back to labeling your breaths.
4. Every time you hear or feel something, label it “sensation”, and go back to labeling your breaths.

Brilliant! More Ancient Vedic wisdom making modern life more palatable. Most of my thoughts (labeled as such) were about my boss. Whether or not he likes me, how I’m going to make sure he knows what I’ve got, and on and on.

“Thoughts”. That’s all.

Then we started doing hip openers – crescent lunge, “breath”, twisted pigeon, “breath”, frog “breath”. “Breath”. And each time, we identified that spot where we felt the most tension, and we sent our breath there.

“Thought”: I should approach my boss with space and lightness, like breath.

Yesterday I ended my four day weekend with a 30 minute cleaning frenzy. Dishes, counter tops, bathroom, floors, the works. The apartment was overwhelming me, and I sent my breath there. Sending breath there is either solving the problem or giving it space until a solution materializes. If you’re not sure which, label it “thought” and go back to labeling your breath.

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