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Today my yoga is taking a break from yoga. Union today means spending time with my mother and with my doctor – separately. And taking a more proactive approach to some problems that have been on my back for years – my old friends acne and eczema.
In watching The Conjuring – mostly from behind a blanket – this weekend, I got to thinking about good and evil. Not too long ago my secular choir was singing in a non secular church service and the minister mentioned good and evil – and how evil and the devil and hell had pretty much fallen out of style in the church over the last century or so. The United Church, that is, where matters of scripture can go in and out of fashion, unlike some other religions.
Religions after all – like art and hobbies – are a reflection of societies.
I’m writing this on my smartphone and even it doesn’t recognize that I’m writing “hell” and not “he’ll”.
In The Conjuring – a TRUE story I might add – there’s a quote at the end: “The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges on which we decide to follow”.
So, for some light Wednesday thinking, are you following good or evil? Well, let’s see. What do you think about first in the morning? Last at night? What are you thinking about most of the day?
Solving problems through spreadsheets (common thought for corporate types)
How great your colleagues are (ditto)
Everything related to Love and Gratitude
What to bake later
How fat / pimply / pale / dark you are
Emotional binge eating
Bad things that have happened to you
Well, that was easy. Forget whether or not we’re going to end up in heaven or hell – and face this: If you’re being negative you’re in hell and that is up to you.
While watching The Conjuring, I was enjoying the company of my new siblings (through marriage). Because happy thoughts pave the road to Good. And to God. And thanks to health visionary Louise Hay I am reminded to repeat my mantra for skin health: I feel safe to be me.
And today missing yoga on the mat doesn’t mean missing yoga. It means joyful union with something different. A change.. a positive change and a step toward improving my health. I follow the Good and I feel safe to be me.

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