Being well today

Yoga today is about finding your foundation. This involves focusing on contact with the mat, those pieces of the body that are touching the earth (or the second floor studio floor, as the case may be).

Work today is about staying with a task, and not indulging that twitch to switch tasks when you hit the end of the maze. Today is for pushing forward, turning around and moving back again, re-directing – not towards distractions, but towards some other productive place.

Health today is about doing the best you can, even though it will never be perfect. Walking home with the groceries isn’t quite a bicep workout, but it’s close. Six hours of sleep isn’t quite eight, but it’s not four either.

Responsibility today is about walking downtown Toronto in the sunshine, going to The Healthy Butcher and Lush and buying things that feel good and are, in fact, Good.

Perspective today is wider than it sometimes is. It is being grateful for loved ones. It is being in awe of the world, which opens its big heart and mourns a special actor that many of us grew up with. This world surprises us in beautiful ways, now and then.

Today is pulling out a favourite record and listening to music that moved you once, and will move you again.

Listening to Rent… and signing off now to make breakfast cookies for the family 🙂

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