Finally, I’m starting to read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The best part is that my book club is too. We are taking a spiritual journey together. So far I’ve read the introduction, which is worth reading. Tolle has a profound experience in which he eliminates the negative voice in his head and in doing so allows complete positivity to take over his mind. His breakthrough is in recognizing that that he has more than one voice in his head – and that the real, True Self voice is completely positive.

Can you imagine having a single, positive voice in your head?

This single positive voice gives us freedom to finally detach, silencing the endless chatter inside our heads.

A lot of my head chatter comes from observing life in action. At a conference earlier this week, I was listening to a panel talk about paying people for performance. Compensation professionals talk about that a lot. One of the panelists used the expression “motherhood and apple pie” to describe pay for performance. Putting that expression in the compensation context seemed to trivialize motherhood.

Positive mind overcomes negative thought: detachment.

Last night I was out with some girlfriends celebrating a recent engagement. We don’t see each other that often, so it’s special when we do. Before long we were talking about the cost of wedding things – venues, food, drinks, gowns. And having gone through all of this recently, I want to yell at them: don’t spend a fortune because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter! You’ll move on from it so quickly. It can be beautiful without being expensive. It will be more beautiful if it’s less expensive (at least to me). Positive mind overcomes negative thought: detachment.

This morning I watched Oprah’s Master Class – a program which consistently redeems some of Oprah’s bottomless commercialization for me. Successful people share their wisdom for an hour – staring into the camera with nothing but a black wall behind them. It is refreshingly – and shockingly – simple. Today Karen Johnson (Whoopi Goldberg) told a story about treating everyone the same regardless of social position. It made me think of the people gathered near the LCBO on Spadina, falling over with fatigue or probably something way more potent than fatigue, and less legal. I don’t avert my eyes when I see my colleagues at work, but I avert my eyes when I see those people. The unknown can be threatening. Positive mind overcomes negative thought: detachment.

On Friday my day started with a short meditation. Sitting quietly, breathing in and out, hands resting on knees, palms facing up. What a difference. What a beautiful thing. Positive mind: detachment.

A friend at choir told me this about her summer:

“I just puttered. I realize I love puttering. I like to use my hands and cook and clean and fix and build and stain and paint and just putter.”

That was the best thing I heard this week. It was the testimonial of a person who has found joy in her joy, not in her overzealous feminism or her wedding gown or her substance addiction – in her Joy. And when she putters, there is nothing but a single, positive voice in her head.

Positive mind: detachment.


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