Warming up

We know that admitting you have a problem is the first step. To everything. What about admitting that you don’t have a problem, or that you used to have a problem and now you don’t. What about admitting that you’re awesome. Watch this TED talk if you want to know how to become awesome at anything.

Now that the clocks have rolled forward and the snow is melting and there’s an Easter lily on my windowsill and a fruity beer six inches from my hand, I can admit that I used to have a problem and now I don’t. Winter 2015 brought me, like many Canadians, seasonal affective disorder. It was often a time of emotional vulnerability and low energy – there was unexplained crying, unexplained plummeting self esteem, unexplained eating caramel popcorn in the bathtub (love the bathtub references in this song by the way). A lot of things unexplained. And negative. But thanks to improved lighting and daily Vitamin D drops, all this is in the past.

Now, it’s officially spring and I am the proud owner of a recently procured white spring coat and several pairs of stylish sunglasses. I’m applying daily face moisturizer and it isn’t even a chore. Life has improved immensely. Things are warming up.

Just having returned from a week in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico doesn’t hurt either. With all the lazy indulgent rest and relaxation that implies. But even a week in paradise reminded me that changing seasons are a miracle. All of Toronto is breathing a sigh of relief together these last few weeks. We are members of a cult – its leader – COLD – sucked us in and brainwashed us back in November and we walked around, reluctant zombies for months, not taking care of ourselves like we should, not growing with the help of the sun. And now we are snapping out of hypnosis, all wide eyed awe, and wobbling on the edge of something we know is beautiful. Is summer in Toronto idealized? Yes of course. It is also a time of joy, sunburns, outside tennis and park picnics that secretly involve wine. And brunches, lunches, dinners and drinks all on packed patios with quirky furniture and twinkly lighting cobbled together under the big beautiful sky. All while wearing sunglasses. And boat shoes, sockless. Or long skirts and flip flops. All while enjoying a perceived freedom reminiscent of adolescence.

Things are warming up and it feels like a new start. Be awesome! Wear sunglasses! Happy spring!

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