I once heard someone refer to childhood interests as a “life blueprint”. Basically, what you liked to do as a kid is probably what you like to do, period. As an adult, as a person.

I like to write.

I used to write stories. Stories about vegetables with personalities mostly, from what I can remember. Then for a long time I wrote journals. The journals were heavy on teenage angst – frustration with authority, fascination with illicit drugs, passionate love poems. Wholesome stuff.

In my early twenties I got credential-happy and went after degrees in music and business, earned a writing certificate and trained as a yoga teacher.

Then I entered the all-consuming world of corporate consulting  where I lived pretty much 24/7 for six years. I worked in all aspects of human resources, particularly in developing the individual at work. Eventually I was recruited to work in-house with a client, started writing more and reignited my passion for yoga (and all the health and healing that comes with it).

When I was training to become a yoga teacher, I attempted my first headstand. After weeks of training, everything in my body said to go for it and everything in my mind said not to. The experience ended with an enormous wave of emotion and no headstand. In the end, my mind won. The mind is a powerful place. Enhancing the state of your mind allows you to stretch – in yoga and life. That’s why the blog is called stand on your head.

A few years ago I was asked to speak at convocation at Queen’s University. I spoke about my greatest wish for everyone graduating that day: Radical Evolution. We humans have an incredible inborn capacity to grow and change. Our lives are a quest to realize and develop our greatest potential, to become the most complete and evolved version of our Selves.

Thanks for stopping by. I would love for you to join the conversation. To connect with me about writing, coaching, yoga, motherhood, or anything else, get in touch.

Namaste x


  1. Wow, your story is so similar to my own! From the produce with personalities (my main character was a pineapple) and the teenage angst, to the credential-happy certified yoga teacher. I am really looking forward to following your journey and catching a glimpse into your insights. I just discovered you, but already love what I see. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! It’s exciting to discover unexpected kindred spirits! Welcome 🙂

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