I help people build lives they love by stepping into their calling at work. As a coach I invite people into massive personal and professional growth, so they can stop feeling stuck and underutilized and start feeling clear and inspired to finally start sharing their gifts and max out their potential.


Prior to coaching, I spent over ten years in human resources, the first half as a consultant and the second half as an in-house expert. I have consulted to boards of directors on senior HR issues and have led recruitment, talent development and rewards functions.

I’ve worked for local start-up’s, not-for-profits and global corporations. Through it all I’ve been a keen observer of workplace dynamics, studied how we enable human potential at work, and developed a reputation as a leader who creates high-vibe teams that get *stuff* done.

What I do now

I regularly serve 2,000+ people with advice on raising consciousness around our working lives, removing obstacles to go after what we actually want, and practical strategies to land your dream job and then actually thrive doing it.

I’ve been featured on the Second Breaks podcast and Toronto New Mom blog, and have spoken on career development at live events for universities and organizations.

Fun facts

  • After a very artsy adolescence, I went to business school twice – undergrad and later MBA, where I fell in love with the practicalities but also enjoyed sneaking in some creativity wherever I could.
  • I’m a lifelong student of personal development and philosophy and usually have a stack of motivational and brain science books next to my bed (as well as Dr. Seuss for family reading time).
  • I’m a certified yoga teacher with a focus on supporting women through life stages – I teach pre and post natal classes in Toronto.
  • I’m a degree-wielding music geek who can perform one-woman versions of several shows notably Les Miserables and RENT, but ultimately live to play acoustic guitar fire-side.
  • When I’m not working, you can find me chasing my kids around the local park or, if they’re asleep, journaling with a candle.
  • My coaching practice was born from an inspirational and career advice Instagram account (come say hi over here!)

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I can’t wait to help you!