Hi! Thanks for landing on my “About” page. Here’s a bit “about” me…

I’m on a mission

Let’s just get that out of the way. I help people step into their calling at work. I help people stop feeling stuck and underutilized and start feeling clear and inspired.


Prior to coaching, I spent my “first” career in human resources, as a consultant and then as an in-house expert. I have consulted to boards of directors on senior HR issues and have led recruitment, talent development and rewards functions.

I’ve worked for local start-up’s, not-for-profits and global corporations. I have always been fascinated by how we enable human potential at work, and how we can use work as a vehicle for personal growth.

What I do now

I believe having an aligned career is for the greater good of ALL – individuals, the collective, and the planet. An aligned career is one where we contribute generously and with ease, and where we develop our best gifts through our work.

To make career harmony a reality, I regularly serve 2,000+ people on the journey of raising consciousness around our working lives. I help people remove obstacles and go after what they want. I provide practical strategies to support work becoming a thing that enhances, rather than impedes, people’s lives.

I’ve been featured on a bunch of podcasts, blogs and conferences. I also share a ton of insights on my blog.

Fun facts

  • After a very artsy adolescence, I went to business school twice – undergrad and later MBA where I fell in love with the practicalities enough to pursue a corporate career, but also really came to miss being the creative flowy singer-songwriter I was at 17. My work today is me finding a middle ground.
  • I’m a lifelong student of personal development, psychology, philosophy and spirituality. In addition to professional coach training, these themes absolutely find their way into my work.
  • I’m a certified yoga teacher with a specialty in prenatal yoga, which I’ve shared with hundreds of women, and built a teacher training program around. If you work with me enough, I will eventually talk about the power of breath and movement.
  • I’m a degree-holding music geek who knows (by heart) a vast number of showtunes. Ultimately my musical self lives to play guitar fire-side.
  • My coaching practice was born from a career inspiration Instagram account (come say hi over here!)

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