Often, people come to me with a burning issue they want to solve FAST. So, I created Bring Your Goal*.

Bring your goal is a powerful mini coaching program. We focus on your #1 career goal or challenge TODAY to get you radically evolving beyond it.

What it is: Three calls with me, typically over 1-2 weeks. Powerful action steps and access to me between sessions.

What we do: Tackle a specific goal or challenge by getting clarity, removing obstacles and taking action.

Perfect for: anyone with a goal or challenge that has them stuck. In other words, you’re ready for real-time expert support beyond what your best friend / partner / Google can provide.

Examples of goals: creating a career vision, evaluating a job opportunity or career change, redefining your personal brand, CV overhaul.

Examples of challenges: deciding whether to go back to school, turning a challenging work relationship or project around, climbing out of a work slump into action.


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