About you:

You want to evolve – professionally and personally. You’re smart, curious, committed, and you are probably “winning life” in many ways.

Still, you’re looking for something more.

Maybe you feel stuck and under-utilized at work. Maybe you feel like there are no good options based on your skills, experiences and values.

Maybe you feel misaligned, like you’re playing a role most days. Maybe you have good and bad days, and you want to tip the scale in favour of the good.

Maybe you’re noticing that little voice telling you you’re made for something different is getting louder – and you’re considering doing something about it.

One thing is for sure: You are called to evolve. And such a call is never wasted.

About me:

My job is to invite you to evolve – professionally and personally.

I have 15+ years’ experience in leadership, coaching, recruiting, corporate HR and consulting. I believe that your values, skills, experiences and desires are a blueprint for work that will bring you satisfaction and joy.

My mission is to help you gain self-awareness, clarity, and practical strategies to move forward in your career faster and with greater confidence.

I help people stop feeling stuck and start feeling intentional and inspired about building their dream careers – living with greater alignment and authenticity, without sacrificing on lifestyle.

I want your work life to enhance (rather than impede) the quality of your whole life.

This is your invitation.

Want to catch me up on you and your career and start planning for your continued success? Book your free career strategy & intro to coaching call HERE.

More about services…

End overthinking and define the direction you want to go. If you want to go deep on self-discovery, rise above your own limitations, and achieve alignment at work, this is for you. Format: four week group program. Learn more here.

Writing Services

What is this? Want beautiful, succinct personal branding documents created by a professional writer who knows how applicant tracking systems work and what the hiring humans want to see? If you are unclear on your offering, or don’t have time, or aren’t confident in your writing and design skills, this is for you. Includes: resumé, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, etc..

You leave with: The best version of you, perfectly targeted for your dream career, in the form of words on a page.

Clients report: More interviews, great feedback from recruiters and hiring managers, job search knowledge and skills, confidence.

What’s the investment? Packages available from $500+. If you’re curious to learn more, book an intro call here and let’s chat.

Career Clarity & Momentum

What is this? Think of me as the guidance counselor you never had in high school. We work together to uncover your values, skills, experiences, desires, career vision and goals. Once we figure out what you’re after, we articulate your greatness (see writing services).

You leave with: Clarity on career direction and momentum (tools and a plan) to make your next move.

Clients report: clarity, knowledge of self and the career landscape, a sense of calm, greater confidence in self and career decisions, a renewed sense of possibilities, motivation to take action.

What’s the investment? Packages available from $995+. If you’re curious to learn more, book an intro call here and let’s chat.

Career Growth Coaching

What is this? Sometimes getting a new job is not the answer. Sometimes you just need support to thrive exactly where you are. Maybe you have a massive opportunity in front of you and you want to crush it. Maybe you want to uncover opportunity where you feel it’s been lacking. Through inquiry and self-reflection, I help you uncover the answers you already have and GROW.

You leave with: Bring your goal. You leave with major progress on that goal. Plus some handy (/priceless) life skills including better self-awareness, self-reliance, self-confidence and tools to coach yourself after our work together is done.

Clients report: Game changer.

What’s the investment? Packages available from $1,500+. If you’re curious to learn more, book an intro call here and let’s chat.

Not sure what’s for you, but feel like we need to work together? book an intro call here and let’s chat.