If you’re feeling stuck in your career and like there’s more for you out there, I’m your person. My mission is to help you figure out what “more” looks like for YOU, and then hop in the passenger seat with ten years of corporate HR and coaching wisdom to support you, the driver, to move toward it faster and with massive confidence. 

If you’re asking what’s my calling?

Start with my 8 week fully customized 1-on-1 coaching program for people who are feeling the pull to greater fulfillment and purpose in their work, and want to increase self-awareness and clarity so they can make strategic moves in the right direction. You’ll leave this experience with a much deeper perspective on (and confidence in) who you are in your working life, what makes sense for your long term fulfillment, a clear plan for getting there and massive momentum towards MAKING IT HAPPEN.

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If you know what you want, but need help with execution

I created a bootcamp-style 4 week 1-on-1 coaching program to create your detailed job search strategy, nail your professional brand, communicate it in a compelling way that gets interviews, and uplevel your interview skills with tips, strategies and individual feedback to actually GET THE JOB YOU WANT.

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If you need writing services

Could you really use a professional resume re-write and cover letter templates that you can re-purpose for all the jobs you’re applying for?

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If you need interview prep support

I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates for professional jobs and my interview prep system has helped dozens more on the road to their next dream job.

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If you’re a woman looking to return to work after a career break

The tellent returners program for women returning to work after a career break provides 12-months access to group coaching and development for women who have had a career break and are looking to get back into the workforce. This is a strategically designed mix of learning, accountability and action to achieve the results you set out at the beginning of the program. Whether you are returning to your old profession or exploring something new, we will help you get there. Learn more here.